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About Us

Dodgeville Mattress Direct is a family owned business, located in Dodgeville, Wisconsin. We primarily serve Iowa County and Grant County residents with 50%-80% off retail prices on mattresses.

Dodgeville Mattress Direct is in the business of clearing out inventory for a national mattress distributor.

50-70% Off the Retail Prices!

At Dodgeville Mattress Direct, we are able to keep our prices low because we don’t have a big store front with lots of employees. We sell our mattresses straight from our distributor directly to our customers! This is why we ask you to make an appointment with us to look at our mattresses.

In-Store Only

We only sell our mattresses in the store and not online because we want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase! We want you to be able to see and feel our mattresses so you can choose the right one for you! There is no risky guessing game of buying online. When you make an appointment with us, you are able to try out our mattresses and pick the right one for your body to make sure you will get the best sleep possible!

Everything Must Go!

First Come, First Serve!

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